Fall Harvest Part 6 Freebie is Finally Ready

Thank you so much everyone for being so patient with me in getting this posted, 2 days late now.  Oh my goodness.  I swear, everybody and their Uncle wanted to come over and visit yesterday.  We had company in and out of the house all afternoon.

It took me forever to get my previews done.  And then, when I was finally ready to upload everything, all the members of my household were on the net playing games.  My upload speed was atrocious.  I had to wait until later this morning, after everyone went to bed to finally be able to get everything uploaded and ready to post.  Even then, it took over an hour to do it.  Hmmm, wonder what is up with that?

Saturday will be my last mini kit with #7.  I will have 2 Alphas to post yet, sometime next week.  It is still going to work out that I will be posting a freebie a day until about Tuesday of next week, with the rest of the Ruby Remedy Luggage Tags and the ADSD Gingerbread Christmas Blog Train starting on Sunday.  This will get drug out for a while yet.  LOL.

Well, anyway, here is your freebie for today.  On to the downloads.

Be sure to come  back tomorrow to get the 7th mini kit from me.  I believe yesterday was Carolyn’s last portion for her mini kits, but she may still have some surprises in store.

Also today, you get to pick up the next Ruby Remedy Tag Back in the series.  Here is a look at what you get today.
Click on the preview to download

Also, if you haven't already done so, you can go to Tracy's blog to download the Ruby Remedy Luggage Tag 2.  But hurry, they won't last long.

Click on the preview to be taken directly to the download link

That is all I have for you today.  Time for me to get busy on tomorrow’s preview.  I ran out of papers, so I will have to put a few together real quick.  LOL   Talk to you later.  Have a great day.  TTFN.


Please accept my apologies.  Life has interfered yet again and my 'Fall Harvest' freebie is late once again.
I haven't been able to get much computer work done yesterday, I just wasn't feeling well and running a fever.  I think I sweated it all out last night, though, and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to work.

To top it off, yesterday morning I found out that my computer decided to do a random restart of the system and shut down, closing all of the programs and all of the files that I had open at the time.  *Urgh*  I was so upset and discouraged, on top of not feeling well.  I lost all of the new items that I had been working on to add to the Fall Harvest files.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it now but recreate them and get them added to the next zip file.

That is what I am going to be spending my morning doing this morning.  I will be back a little later with the next preview and download when I get them put together.  For now, though, I have the next Luggage Tag back for you from Tracy's 'Ruby Remedy' kit.

Click on image to download

As I am sure you can tell, most of the Luggage Tag backs have journaling elements on them to provide an area for journaling whatever photo you choose to add to the Luggage Tag front before printing out and using to your hearts desire.

Also, I have had some questions about the .smb files for the 'Fall Harvest' freebies, what they are and how to use them.  The downloads with the .smb file extension are the Scrapbook Max Booster Packs and can only be used with the Scrapbook Max Software Program.  I just wanted to let some of you know that.  I know that there has been some confusion about that and I apologize for not making it clearer.

If you do not already have this program downloaded and installed on your computer, you can go to Carolyn's blog and download a free 30 day trial to try it out and see how you like creating scrapbook pages with it.  Just click on the purple Scrapbook Max banner on the top of her blog and it will take you directly to the Scrapbook Max website where you can download the free trial.  I absolutely love using it to scrap pages with.  As soon as I can afford to buy the liscence for it, I am going to. 

Okay, that is all I have for you now.  I am off to get back to work putting together the rest of the next portion of 'Fall Harvest' part 6.  I will be back as soon as I get it finished.  TTFN.

Fall Harvest Part 5 Freebie

I am back...with the next portion of 'Fall Harvest' for you to download.  Putting this kit together has been a lot of fun and a learning experience for me.  I hate to see the end of it, but I am down to the last little bit of what I put together for you.  I think I will make one last portion for Wednesdays download.  I have another kit that I need to get started on for the ADSD Christmas blog train and a bunch of CT work to do.

Don't forget to stop by Carolyn's blog tomorrow to pick up her next portion.

Click on the preview to be taken to her blog.

Anyway, here is a preview of today's portion.

Full Size Elements
Full Size Papers

By the time we get done posting all of our portions, you should have a total of a dozen mini kits for one massive mega kit.  Almost like our own mini blog train.  LOL.  I hope you have enjoyed our creations.

Don't take off just yet, though.  I have one more freebie for you today.  I also have the second Luggage Tag Back for Tracy's Ruby Remedy Luggage Tags to hand out today.

Click on the preview to download

If you haven’t already downloaded the Luggage Tag 1 from Tracy, then head over to her blog to pick it up.  But, you need to hurry.  They are only available for a limited time before Tracy puts them in her store.  Grab them while you can.

Click on the preview to be taken directly to the download link for this tag.  Then, come back tomorrow to pick up the Back for Tag #2 in the set.
Okay, I think I am done for now.  I will catch up with you again later.  TTFN.

Tracy’s Ruby Remedy Luggage Tag Freebie

I did a not so smart think recently.  I seem to be doing that a lot lately, lol.  I created some Luggage Tags for Tracy to give out as freebies last week.

Well, silly me forgot to include the backs for the tags for those of you who would like to print them out and use them.  So, here they are.

I am going to start with the first tag, then have another Tag Back for you tomorrow, along with the next portion of my ‘Fall Harvest’ freebie.  This is the preview of what you can pick up today.

If you haven’t already downloaded the Luggage Tag 1 from Tracy, then head over to her blog to pick it up.  But, you better hurry.  They won’t be available for very long before Tracy puts them in her store.  Grab them while you can.

Click on the preview to be taken directly to the download link for this tag.  Then, come back tomorrow to pick up the second Tag Back in the set.

That is all I have for you for now.  Talk to you later.  Take care and have a great day.  TTFN.

Fall Harvest Part 4 freebie

Now that I have figured out what the issue was with the previous downloads, I can finally post the next portion of this kit.  A little late, of course.  What can I say.  *shrug*    I try.

Here is the preview for today’s portion of ‘Fall Harvest’.


Papers SBM
(all links have been checked and verified)

Whew!!!!  Do you think there are enough download links there?  LOL.  Okay, I think I have this one all set up and should be working properly.  As always, if you have any difficulties downloading any of my freebies, please send me an email to let me know what the issue is and I will get right on trying to fix it.  Thank you for all of your patience and hanging in there with me through all of these trials and tribulations.  I really appreciate it.

Check back tomorrow for another surprise freebie from me.  Also, just a reminder for you to stop by Carolyn's blog tomorrow to pick up the next part of her 'Fall Into Autumn' kit.  Here is her preview.

Click on the image to go directly to her blog for the download.

  I think that is enough out of me for one day.  Take care everyone and have a great day.  TTFN.

I fixed the issue

I think I have figured out what the issue with the downloads has been and have them all fixed.  Short version of the story is, I took my computer downstairs and was using a wireless network card.  When I brought the computer back upstairs, I forgot to disconnect the wireless card and reconnect the firewire cable for the internet.  *Duh*

So, the issue should be resolved now.  I even went so far as to delete the files from mediafire, delete the zip from my computer, rebuild the zip, and reupload to mediafire.  I have tested each link that was having issues twice and downloaded to my computer to make sure that they were working.  It may be running a little slow, but the do download and the downloads work.  *whew*  Got that problem solved.  Now I am off to get today’s freebie uploaded and posted since I finally got the other download links working.  Be back shortly.

Booster Pack Freebies are available

I am back, bringing more freebies with me.  LOL.

I finished converting the first and second portion of my 'Fall Harvest' Mini kit into Scrapbook Max booster packs and they are uploaded and ready to go.  All you will need to do is click on the link to download.  The link will take you to Mediafire to download the file.  When you click on download, it will pop up with a message box, asking if you want to open the file with the Scrapbook Max Installer.  Click on okay, and the Scrapbook Max software will do the rest for you.  Easy as pie.

I really love this software program for designing layouts and pages with.  A great big thank you goes out to Carolyn for making me aware of it.

Just to recap, here is the preview for Day 1.

and the preview for Day 2

Okay, that is all I have for you for now.  I will be back soon, though, bearing more gifts.  So keep an eye out.  LOL.  Talk to you again soon.  TTFN.

Day 3 Freebie is finally Ready

Whew!!  What a day yesterday was.  I finally got everything ready for what was supposed to be yesterday’s freebie.  I was up until 2:30 this morning working on it, until my computer malfed on me.  All is well, though.  My sincerest apologies, I seem to be having a lot of issues with my blog the last few days.  I am going to continue working on it and try to come up with a solution to the problem.  Worst case scenario, I may have to create a new blog and move everything.  We shall see, only time will tell.

Anyway, on to the freebies.  Here is a peek at what you can pick up from me today.


*(Links have been fixed)*

And….As an added bonus for those of you that use Scrapbook Max, I have created a Booster Pack for today’s Mini Kit, also.  I will go through and create Booster Packs for the first 2 Mini Kits and get those posted for you as soon as I can.

Day3 Mini Kit Elements SBM
Day3 Mini Kit Papers SBM

*I changed the file and broke it into smaller files to make it easier to download.*

Sorry about the file size on this one, it is a little large at 59mb.  Hopefully, no one will have any problems downloading it.  If you do, just send me a message and I will see what I can do.  I hope you like what we have come up with for you.  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  Thank you.

Since I am running so far behind and posting my portion of the collab a day late, you get to pick up 2 freebies today for the price of one.  If you hurry on over to Carolyn’s blog, you can pick up her portion for today as well.

Click on the preview to be taken directly to her blog.

She is such a sweetheart.  She spent a lot of time yesterday trying to help me figure out what the issue is with my blog background.  We are at a stand still for now, though.  I guess I am just not going to worry about it.  It has been taking up too much time and too much frustration trying to figure it out.  As long as everyone can see the previews and images in the blog posts, I am happy with that.  For now, anyway.

I will be back in a little while with the other Booster Packs for you and another surprise or two.  See you later and have a great day.  TTFN.

Freebie download links and previews

This is just a quick note to let you all know that tomorrows freebie links and previews are going to be a little late. I will get them posted, probably a little later early tomorrow afternoon. My apologies. I have been trying to deal with this photobucket issue and get my blog background back up again. It just isn't working for me for some reason and I am ready to give up for tonight. I am not fluent in html code and copying the code from Flickr into Blogger is not working the same way for me as it did with Photobucket. I don't know what it is I am doing wrong. I am so frustrated with all of this nonsense, I could spit nails right about now.

Time for me to rant. I think that photobuckets 'exceeding bandwidth' is a gimmic for them to get our money. Granted, it is only $25 a year, a drop in the bucket compared to some of the services we put money out on. I am not sure about anyone else out there, but I am not made of money and just don't have the $25 to spend right now. So, I am scrambling to come up with other solutions. Otherwise, there really isn't much point in me posting freebies on my blog until after Nov. 1 when my bandwidth usage goes back up. You wouldn't be able to see what you are getting in your downloads and be able to decide if you really wanted it or not. Frustrating.

Okay, that is my rant for now. I am off to bed to try and get some sleep and wake up fresh in the morning and get the previews for my next portion finished and uploaded for you all. Though, I will probably dream about previews and images all night long, lol. Take care everyone. TTFN.

Day 5 of Freebies- Carolyn's 3rd Installment

Today is Carolyn's Day for posting freebies. You need to visit her blog to download the next piece of our mega fall collab. Here is what the 3rd installment of her portion looks like.


Click on the preview to be taken directly to her blog post to download todays freebie.

On another note, I was finally able (after several hours) to get all of my images transferred over from Photobucket to Flickr. I am still in the process of getting most of the kit previews changed out. I will leave my layout images and pictures alone, though. There are just too many to find them all and change everything out.

I may be running a little late with tomorrow's freebie. Today is my daughter, Chelcey's, 21st Birthday. Today is a big day for her, so I may not get much computer work done at all. I promise I will get it posted as soon as I can. Dad already has her birthday present bought and hidden, but I need to run and go pick up her cake and ice cream for the party later this evening. I will take some pics and post them here tomorrow of her big day. Talk to you guys later. Take care and hugs to all. TTFN.

Photobucket Issues

Apparently, with all of the freebies that Carolyn and I have been handing out, I have exceeded my photobucket bandwidth for this month. Please bear with me as I switch all of my previews over to Flickr. I understand that they have a larger storage system and can't run out of bandwidth with them. So, some of my previews may disappear temporarily, but they will be back up as soon as possible.

I have also decided, while I am at it, that it is time for a blog wear change. I am in the process of putting together a new fall look with the collab kit that Carolyn and I have been working on. I was hoping to have that done today, until the issues with photobucket cropped up. Hopefully, it won't take me too long to get all of this settled and put back into order. Thank you for bearing with me during this time. TTFN.

Day Four of Freebies-Fall Harvest Day 2

Finally, I finished up in a timely manner for a change. Here is your day 2 freebie from me. Some of the elements are similar to my previous freebie, just in a different color. And some of the elements are brand new, as of today, lol. I hope you like this kit and enjoy using it.

Fall Harvest Day 2 Kit Preview, originally uploaded by Desert Bloom Designs.

Fall Harvest Day 2 Paper Preview, originally uploaded by Desert Bloom Designs.



And for those who would like to download the Tagger Size Version

Tagger Size

Be sure to visit Carolyn tomorrow for the next portion of this kit. Well, that is all I have so far for you today. Time for me to hit the hay and catch up with you a little later. Hugs to all. TTFN.

Freebie Links Are Fixed

Oh my word.... Do I feel knee high to a grasshopper now. I am sooo, sooo, sorry everyone. I was up late getting everything put together, uploaded and posted and must have been more tired than I thought I was. I went to bed around 5 this morning and thought everything was set up and ready to rock and roll. My sincerest apologies. I am so embarrassed and feel like an idiot now.

Here are the links again, for those who would still like to download.



And for those who would like to download the tagger size


I promise to be more careful in the future. Thank you for letting me know that the links were not working everyone. I will be sending links out to everyone that sent me emails and messages. I am going to go hide in my corner now. I already broke out the wet noodles, lol.

Day 2 of Freebies- Fall Harvest Part 1

I am back with another freebie for you. Today is Part 1 of my portion of the Mega Collab Carolyn and I have put together for you. Here is a preview of what today's mini kit looks like.

Fall Harvest Day 1 Paper Preview, originally uploaded by Desert Bloom Designs.

Download Elements
Download Papers

Carolyn and I have also decided to offer all of our kits in Tagger size from now on, PTU and Freebies alike.

Download Tagger Size

Be sure to visit Carolyn's blog tomorrow for Day 3 of Freebies and get her second portion of 'Fall Into Autumn'. Here is a sneak peek at what she will have available.

That is all I have for you today. Come back and see me on Tuesday for my next portion of this wonderful freebie collab. Until then, take care and have a great day. TTFN.

I am back...bringing freebies

Whew, I made it back. A little late, as usual, but better late than never.

I have been super-duper busy this last week. It is officially fall now. The weather has finally caught up with us, it has been windy, rainy and cold. Which you know what that means. Yep, harvest time. So, I have been busy the last week canning and freezing this years produce to help carry us through this winter. I processed 1 bushel box of peaches into 18 jars of peach jelly, 41 lbs of concord grapes into 26 jars of grape jelly, and 2 bushel boxes of apples into apple butter, dutch apple pies and apple sauce. I haven't counted those yet. I also processed a 12 lb pumpkin into enough raw pumpkin for 8 pies for this holiday season. *Whew* Man, am I tired, and sore.

Anyway, that is why I haven't been around a lot lately. So I am a little behind and have a lot of catching up to do. My sincerest apologies. Before I get too far, I have some things I would like to show you first.

Tracy of Ambowife Designs has 2 new kits available for Sale. The first one is called "Gone A Courtin". I haven't had a chance to put anything together for this one yet, but I will very soon. Here are the previews for it.

You can purchase it at either one of her stores at Stone Accents Studio or Digital Paper Hearts for $4.50. You can also check out her blog at http://ambowife.com/blog/.

If you do check out her blog, you will see that she is showcasing a week of freebies made by little ole me, using her 'Ruby Remedy' kit. I have to admit, I was quite surprised. I am blushing now. Thank you Tracy. Here is a little peek at what she has available on her blog.

And here is a layout I put together using the cluster element and quick page I put together for her.

RubyRemedyQP2layout, originally uploaded by Desert Bloom Designs.

The pictures are of my son, Brandon, and his girlfriend, Terrea, getting ready for his birthday party back in April. Don't they make such a cute couple?

Tracy's Newest kit is called 'Tracy's Tricky Treats' and is available just in time for Halloween. Here are a couple of the previews for you to check out.

I can't wait to play with this kit and create some layouts of my children's Halloween pictures from when they were little. I am sure that they will just love me for it too, lol.

Also, Julia of BeaconScrap has several new kits available at her store, ScrapDebris for $1 each. What a deal. Her newest kits are 'Vintage Florals', 'Fuzzy Sweaters' and 'Sam'. Here are some of the previews for you to check out.

I have 2 freebies for you today from 2 of these kits, but more about that in a minute. BTW, be sure to check out her blog, also. She has a surprise gift available, coming soon.

First, though, I need to let you know that Carolyn of Digi Cyber Scraps and I have teamed up together and put together a super mega Fall collab kit for you. We have decided to hand out one freebie each day, alternating days between us, until the end of the month. You need to check out her blog today for the first mini part of this massive kit. Here is a preview of what Carolyn has available for you today.

Click on the preview to be taken directly to her page to download.

Then, come back here tomorrow and download my portion for the next installment of our collab kit. Here is a preview of what you can pick up.

Fall Harvest Day 1 Kit Preview, originally uploaded by Desert Bloom Designs.

Each part will coordinate perfectly to mix and match and scrap all of your fall pictures. As Carolyn says, that is two kits for one low price, FREE. LOL.

Okay, I have kept you in suspense long enough. On to what you came here for, the Freebies.

I have 2 freebies for you today. Both are Quick Pages that I put together, using Julia's kits. The first one is a set of Quick Pages using her 'Sam' kit. Here is the preview for it.

DBD-Sam QPs Preview, originally uploaded by Desert Bloom Designs.

Download from Mediafire here.

Next is a set of 2 Quick Pages from Julia's 'Vintage Florals' kit. Here is the preview for those.

DBD-Vintage Florals QPs Preview, originally uploaded by Desert Bloom Designs.

Download from Mediafire here.

Well, that is all I have for you for right now. But come back tomorrow and I will have another freebie for you, from my 'Fall Harvest' kit collaboration with Carolyn. Hope to see you then. Take care and have a great day. TTFN.


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