ADSDesigners-Hurry Up And Get Here Spring Blog Train Will Be Late

My portion of the ADSDesigners Blog Train is going to be a little late. I recently have had some major medical issues with Roxy and almost lost her Friday night. The puppies are on 100% milk supplementation now. We can not let Roxy nurse the puppies because it is drawing too many nutrients, vitamins and minerals out of her.

I apologize that my portion of the blog train has taken a back seat due to this unforseen circumstance. I am working on getting the previews put together and zipped up for uploading to 4shared. I will have it posted hopefully a little later this morning or early afternoon.

Also, does anyone have a good recommendation for an alternative file sharing site, due to the issues with 4shared? I have checked into a couple others, but they charge a monthly fee to use them and I haven't gotten to the point that I would be able to afford to do that just yet.

Thanks. TTFN.


Shel said...

Sorry to hear about Roxy. Hopefully she'll be better soon.

I use FileSavr. They've got a plan that's $0.99 a month so it's very reasonable. You might want to check it out.

candylady said...

sorry to hear about roxy hope her and puppys are doing better.


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