Update (08-31-09)

Hello everyone. Sorry for my absence of late. Yes, I am still alive, LOL. I have been out of touch with reality lately with everything that has been going on in our household lately. We went from 3 full-time members in the house to 8 now. The house has been a flurry of activity and people, but I love it. We have been spending a lot of family time together this summer, but summer is almost over and time to get back down to business.

Also, Chelcey has been using my computer a lot as of late, for her classes through iSucceed Virtual High School. Her school laptop should be here tomorrow, finally (crossing fingers that it will be here on time). So, I should have my computer back full-time very shortly.

I have lots of kits in the works, lots of ideas for upcoming kits, and lots of QP's and Bragbooks coming up for you. Please be patient with me as I get back into the flow of things and get the creative juices flowing again. I may be a little all over the place with everything going on.

Take care everyone and hugs to all. TTFN.

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