I fixed the issue

I think I have figured out what the issue with the downloads has been and have them all fixed.  Short version of the story is, I took my computer downstairs and was using a wireless network card.  When I brought the computer back upstairs, I forgot to disconnect the wireless card and reconnect the firewire cable for the internet.  *Duh*

So, the issue should be resolved now.  I even went so far as to delete the files from mediafire, delete the zip from my computer, rebuild the zip, and reupload to mediafire.  I have tested each link that was having issues twice and downloaded to my computer to make sure that they were working.  It may be running a little slow, but the do download and the downloads work.  *whew*  Got that problem solved.  Now I am off to get today’s freebie uploaded and posted since I finally got the other download links working.  Be back shortly.

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