Second Round of Voting At Stone Accents

The polls are open and voting has begun on the Second Round of the Next SAS-y Lady Contest. There are a lot of really great kits for you to pick up while there, also. I have voted for my 3 favorite picks. Now it's your turn.

If you have not registered already, you can go here to do so.

You can visit the gallery to download all of the wonderful kits here.

And here is the link to cast your vote.

Remember, don't forget to vote for your favorite designs, and leave lots of love for the designers. They deserve every ounce of encouragement that you can give them. They have put a lot of work and effort into this weeks submissions.

My Sincerest Apologies and Update Link

Please accept my sincerest apologies. I don't know what happened, but the link for "Land of the Free" Frames and WordArt should be good now. I went through and completely redid the zip file, then uploaded to mediafire, again. I tested it myself to make sure that it was working correctly and not corrupted this time, before posting the new link, so it should be work properly now. Let me know if it isn't and I will do my best to correct it.

If there are ever any other issues or concerns like this, please, do not hesitate to email me and let me know. Customer satisfaction is my #1 priority. Thank you for letting me know, I feel absolutely terrible about this.

Newest Updates from the Front and a Freebie

I have some good news for you,... some sad news,... some exciting news,...and a freebie, finally.

Let's start with the sad news first and get that out of the way right off the bat. The votes were tallied up for the First Round of the Next SAS-y Lady Contest on Sunday night (Monday morning, depending on your time zone) and I did not move on to the next round. But, hey, all is well that ends well, right. It is okay. Turns out, I have other projects that need attending to. I wish all of the ladies competing in the next round the best of luck and know that they are going to come up with some totally wonderful kits for us to download. Check out the gallery at Stone Accents Studio. There are some wonderful kits already there, ready for downloading. Remember, don't forget to come back later and vote for your favorite designers, and leave lots of love for them. They deserve every ounce of encouragement that you can give them.

On to the good news now. Carolyn of Digi Cyber Scraps and I have been bouncing kit ideas off of each other for a few days and we have come up with some really good ones. She and I have decided to do a Vintage collab together, so watch out for that one. It is probably going to be humungous and very unique. I am bouncing off the walls with excitement. I also have design ideas in the works for at least 2 Fall kits, so watch for those too.

Now on to even better, more exciting news. Tracy and I are back together again. Yes, I am a member of her Creative Team once again. This is fantabulous. I am overjoyed.

I let myself get involved in too many projects and let some of my commitments start to slide, but I am not doing that again. Thank you so much, Tracy for having me back. I promise, I won't let you down again. I have some pages for her Ruby Remedy coming up very, very soon. Here is a preview. You can check out all her latest kits on her blog or at her store at Stone Accents Studio.

The other exciting news is that I have been accepted by Julia Moniz of Beacon Scrap to be part of her Creative Team, also. I am so looking forward to working with her beautiful kits. You can check out all of her latest kits on her blog or her store at ScrapDebris. She has a new kit coming out very soon that I will be working with, so watch for those, also.

On to the best news of all....the freebies. Yes, that's right. I said freebies, as in two. The first one is part 1 of the Vintage Dreams Add On kit. I am handing out the papers this time around. Next time will be a small grouping of the elements. There are so many, I have to break them down into smaller groups.

Sorry I didn't get these out to you sooner. As I said, Carolyn and I have been coming up with lots of new creative ideas for future kits, so I have been a little preoccupied. My apologies.

Here is a preview of what you will be picking up today.

Download Here.

Also, since I was away for so long and didn't get these posted back in July, I am including my entire Land of the Free kit as a freebie download for you all. I feel it is especially appropriate for today, since it is the 8th Anniversary of September 11th. Here are the previews for it.

You can also go to Carolyn's blog to pick up a coordinating alpha. She has a wonderful post on her blog to commemorate the day. Be sure to leave her some love, also. She so richly deserves it.

I hope you like them. Thank you for taking a look.

Time for me to take off and try to get some shut-eye for tonight. I will try to be back tomorrow. Take care all and have a wonderful day. TTFN.

I made it.....(9-6-09)

I made it, just barely. I entered into Stone Accents Studios 'Next SAS-y Lady' Contest earlier this week and have been working diligently on putting my entry together in order to get it submitted on time. Today was the deadline for having entries in for round 1. You know me and deadlines. I always come dragging in at the very last minute, pulling up the rear. LOL. I wish I could organize my time better, but it just never seems to work in my favor.

I absolutely loved the color palette. It felt very Vintage/Heritage to me, so I went with a Victorian Theme for my entry. Here is a preview of the mini kit I put together for the competition, titled 'Vintage Dreams'.

All of the elements are hand created by me, the only CU items used were the ribbon tails on the fan and the string on the tag. No scripts, actions or other CU items were used to create any part of this kit. Just me and my imagination.

It was a great learning experience for me. I figured out how to do a lot of interesting effects while I was playing. I also found a lot of files and features in my program's software that I didn't know was there before. I learned how to make some really kewl new effects and how to texture papers a better way. I think my papers turned out better this time than they ever have before. I had so much fun and am very excited. I have lots of playing to do. I am even thinking about scripting the fan and making it a CU item for download. That is how generous I am feeling.

Of course, you know what that means for you. With the entries submitted and voting taking place, it means tons of freebies for you to download, and there are a lot of wonderful kits to grab.
Be sure to check out all of the kits in the SAS Designer Competition.

While you are there, don't forget to vote. You need to be a member of SAS or register in the forums in order to vote. You can vote for up to 3 favorites, just make sure that you select all 3 before clicking on the submit button, you can only vote once and voting ends at midnight on Sept. 9th.

Go here to register-
Go here to view and download all of the wonderful kits- http://www.stoneaccentsstudioforum.c...ry.php?cat=964
and go here to vote for your 3 favorites- http://www.stoneaccentsstudioforum.c...ead.php?t=5782

Also, much to my surprise, I was checking the links, verifying I had them correct, when I saw that Tracy of Ambowife Designs created a layout with my kit. Thank you so much Tracy. What a wonderful surprise, and a stunning layout. Muah. You can check it out in the gallery by clicking on the link, Great Grandmother. I hope that I get a few votes in the next couple days, I don't have any right now. *sniff* Seriously, if you think that my entry deserves it, I hope you will vote for me. Thank you.

I also wanted to let you know that I created soooo many papers and extra elements that couldn't be included in the mini kit, I am putting together an add on freebie for you all. Check back in the next couple of days for the rest of the kit. I am hoping that you will like it.

Okay, I am off to bed now. I was up all night last night putting on the finishing touches, zipping files and uploading everything. Time for me to get some rest. Have fun and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. TTFN.

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