It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas....

Everywhere I go... LOL. It is snowing here, finally. YEAH!!! It is finally beginning to look like Christmas here.

Has everyone been enjoying all of the wonderful blog trains? I know I have. I am only about half way through the 'Christmas Around the World' blog train and my hard drive is filling up fast. I sure hope hubby buys me my new hard drive for Christmas, cause I am going to need it.

Speaking of blog trains, you need to check back in later tonight or early tomorrow morning, as the Holly Jolly blog train will be rolling in. I am stop #56 on this blog train, so come back later and see what I have available for everyone.

I also have another award from Starfire, Leaves of Friendship.

I feel so honored. Thank you Starfire. The Rules are pretty simple, I need to pass this on to 5 other deserving individuals. The choosing is the hard part, I know of so many that I would love to send this to, and 5 is not enough, but I will give it a try.

First off, I would like to pass this on to Tracy of Ambowife Designs for being a wonderful friend and mentor.
Second, Brenda of Cuddlebeez Scraps, also a wonderful friend.
Third, Carolyn of Digi Cyber Scraps for being my inspiration in this continuing adventure.
Fourth and Fifth, Michelle of Michelle's Angels and Roxanna of Move Fearlessly Designs for the opportunity to work with them on the Holly Jolly Blog train.

Okay, got to go for now and finish up some last minute items. Be back a little later. Bye for now.

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