I've been a bad blogger

I didn't get any computer time yesterday. Mike decided he wanted to drive in to Boise and look at new mattress'. We found one and loaded it up and brought it home. By the time, we finished taking the old one out and putting up the new one and made the bed all back up, it was after 7 last night. I sat down at the computer, but was way too tired to try to do anything. I only got 2 1/2 hours sleep the night before. So I through in the towel and trundled off to bed, with the hopes of a more valiant effort today.

My creative juices abandoned me for a while, but seem to be back now. I finished 2 layouts so far, with a third in the works. The first one is of my son and his new girlfriend, Katy, on Thanksgiving Day.

They make such a cute couple. Now, if he just wasn't so tall. LOL. I used Tracy's 'Sweet Caramel' kit from Ambowife Designs. You can find it at either, Treasures to Scrap or Stone Accents Studio.

The next one is of a picture I took 3 years ago. We had an inversion here in the Valley, and hadn't seen the sun for almost a month. Kind of like cabin fever. So, we took a drive one Saturday in a quest to find the sun again. It wasn't until we reached the summit of Anderson Ranch Dam that the sun finally peeked out and shined down on us. It brightened everyone's spirits and the children decided to go play in the snow.

I think they did more falling in the snow than anything else. Strangely, Anthony was the only one that wasn't breaking through the upper crust and sinking down to his knees in the snow like everyone else was doing. You can't tell by the little picture, but the one in the red is sunk in the snow up to her waist, and Brandon had just pulled himself out of the hole he was in and crawling across the snow to a better spot. They were almost completely soaked by the time they made it back to the truck and we headed back home. They wouldn't want me to tell you what they had to do on the ride home, in order to keep from getting hypothermia. It was quite comical though.
I used 'Jolly Olly Memories', also by Tracy of Ambowife Designs for this one.

On a different note, I have noticed that a few designers are still creating and giving away some Christmas designs, and, since I am still running behind on what I had decided to create, I am going to be finishing those up and posting within the next few days, I hope. I am working on an add-on to the Holly Jolly kit, with some more papers, some gift tags that can be printed and some more hand scrapped elements. I will hurry and try to get them done as quickly as possible.

I have got to run away from the computer for right now, though. Brandon sprayed some cologne in his room, which is right next door to my computer room, and it is filtering into here, making me sneeze my head off. I am going to have to wait for it to air out before I can come back in here without fear of another sneeze attack. Bye for now. Best wishes to all.


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