Hello everyone. I have some great news. Roxy finally had her puppies. 3 little boys.
It was a long, arduous ordeal for Roxy, but they are all healthy and doing great.

Here is a picture of all 3 of the little guys together.

Here is a close up of Prince. He is the Black and Brown standard Min Pin colors, Like his dad, Rico, and the mellowist of the bunch.

This is a close up of Damien. He was the second puppy born, and has his daddy's personality. He is going to be a handful, but is a cute baby.

Max wouldn't let me take his picture, he wanted to be with mommy and she was getting upset. So I will wait a few days and take some more pictures of them again.

Here is a picture of Roxy and Rico together.

It is time for me to get down to actually getting some work done and not focusing on and playing with babies. Time to get down to business, so I will see you later, hopefully with some more freebies. TTFN.

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Tracy said...

Oh wow Congratulations Roxy what beautiful baby boys!! So glad it all went smoothly. Very sweet pics of the happy family too Dawne!! Sorry I've been mia with my mother in law here I haven't been able to get a thing done LOL. :)


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