Dad's Badger

Okay, there is a really good story behind this one. It would be one of those tall fish stories without the pictures to back it up. This layout is of the badger that stole my dad's fish when I was 2 years old and we went fishing at Horsethief Res., 1970.

Journaling reads:
I remember hearing the story that when I was 2 years old, my dad caught a big fish, and
as he was reeling it in and brought it up on the bank, this badger came out of nowhere
and grabbed the fish off of my dads line and started eating it.
Luckily, my mother was there to take pictures of it to prove the tall tale. It sat there the whole time, not afraid of my parents at all. Wild, huh.
Needless to say, they picked up and moved to a different fishing spot,
away from the badger.

Layout was created using Kim Liddiard's Au Natural Page Kit
Ribbon is from Meryl Bartho's Golden Delicious Page Kit

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