Finally 18

Okay, another layout that has mysteriously disappeared in the bowels of my computer somewhere. The picture looks grainy and really crappy because I had to scan the printed version back into my computer and re-save it. My apologies.
Layout is of my daughter on her 18th birthday two years ago. She just turned 20 on Tuesday. I will get those pics and layouts uploaded ASAP.
On a side note, the young lady second in from the left just had a baby girl two weeks ago. I have not had a chance to see her in person yet, mom is worried about exposing her to too many germs just yet, but I have seen pics of her and she is just darling. Can't wait to scrap some of her pictures.

Kim Liddiard's Windswept Page Kit Freebie
Also Kim's Golden Dreams Page Kit
Suzanne Walker's Doodled Family Title Stamps Freebie
and Suzanne Walker's DSP Pat Font Freebie

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