Our First Family Photo Together Layout

I feel bad about this layout, because my husband is not in it. These were the first professional pictures I had taken of my children and I together shortly after Brandon was born. My ex and I were divorced just months before Brandon came along and Mike and I were not a couple at that time, just friends, so that is why he is not in the pictures. This turned out so sweet and way better than I anticipated.

I have decided to go through and start scrapping all of the pictures of my children when they were younger, since they are getting ready to fly and leave the nest. This way, they can take a little something with them when they go.

Journaling reads:
This was the first professional pictures we had taken together. Chelcey was 2 1/2 years old, Anthony was just over 1 year old, and Brandon was 4 months. Chelcey was so excited that day. She was such a ham for the photographer. She still is.
Anthony wasn’t too sure what it was he was supposed to be doing. Of course Brandon being only 4 months old, we couldn’t get him to smile at all. I don’t think he liked the camera very much.

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Tirza said...

Dawne, I love this LO, it's beautifully done. I like the one of your son's homecoming dance, and the other LOs you have posted. I would be honored if you chose to be part of my new CT, even if you chose to only do a one month guest spot. And your blog looks great.


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