I thought this picture was perfect for Laurens Gimme More Crops - Tranquility challenge. The name and colors both fit so well.

I took this picture when Mike and I went through Yellowstone this summer on one of his many business trips. It has been years since the last time I was there and first time for Mike, so we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed ourselves. I joked with him that it was our second honeymoon, not that we really had a first. LOL It was so beautiful and so many things to see. I wish I could show you all of the pictures. My digital camera worked great. The unfortunate part is that I took the 12 rolls of 35mm into our local Walmart to have developed and they ruined most of them. They tried to tell me that the film had been exposed to too much heat, yada, yada, whatever. I took the negatives and the unprocessed rolls of film into a professional, he took one look at them and said that the person processing the film had no idea what they were doing because the eyelets had been ripped out of the side of the roll. Good grief. Are you kidding me. Anyway, we got about a sum total of maybe 60 pics off of those 12 rolls of film. Can you say "Ouch"? Anyway, enough of my ranting about Walmarts film processing. Just for future reference, spend the extra money and take your film to a professional who knows what they are doing.

Page kit was all Lauren's Tranquility

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