Welcome to My Crazy Life - originally posted Sept 20th

This is a post I moved from my old blogspot that I am deleting as soon as everything is moved.

Today has been a crazy and busy day. It started out pretty good this morning with normal activities. My older son came over for a visit today, which was very exciting. I haven't seen him in almost a month. He spent some time with us and then took off back to his house.

I am almost done with the macrame table plant hanger. I am just that close to being finished. Maybe it will get done tomorrow.

I got on the computer around noon and started scrapping for my latest challenge for Lauren Bavin's Gimme More Crops Last Days of Summer layout. I just finished that up when all #$@ broke loose. I had let all 3 of our dogs out back to go potty a few minutes before I finished the latest layout, and when I went back to check on them, THEY WERE GONE. No where to be found. I immediately went from room to room through the house looking to see if someone else had let them in, but no such luck.

We proceeded to get into the vehicles and wander around town for the next hour looking for them to no avail. We came back home and I called our local animal shelter to see if the pets had been reported. Again, no such luck. About then, a storm started to blow in with high winds, thunder and lightning, and started to rain. I was so upset. I came back to the computer and sat down to scrap layouts for Lost posters. Suddenly, my husband yelled down to me that they had been seen and reported standing in the middle of a busy street, that I needed to hurry and get there before they got hit or ran over. I went running out to the truck and flew down the street to the location where they were reportedly last seen. No sign of them when we got there. Luckily the animal control officer had my husbands cell phone number and I had the cell phone. At long last, we were able to track the 2 girls down and bring them home safe and sound, if a little drenched, cold and shaken from there excursion out of the back yard. Sam however was still MIA and a big concern. I finished his 'wanted' poster and was trying to print it when DD came flying in to the house screaming her head off that Sam was back. That was about 15 minutes before my first SNL chat in over a year. Thank God everything worked out, however stressful it was, and we got all 3 of them back safe and sound.

Now that the hysteria has calmed down and I can finally think straight again, it is time for me to start working on another layout. The excitement never ends around here, LOL. Well, time for me to fly. Laters.

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